Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Day to Day Fatigue


It has been a while since our last posts. Things have been so hectic over the Christmas period, not that that should be any excuse. I wanted to write quickly about certainly what I tend to find general day to day effects of epilepsy medication. I have to say what I find the worse is the feeling of tiredness/fatigue. This is particularly difficult in the mornings I find, I wonder if anyone else feels the same? That horrible drowsy feeling that makes it so hard to get up and awake. The same feeling comes again later in the day but post Christmas, it has been slightly easier. I have altered my diet. As I have an interest in weight lifting, I have been consuming more protein throughout the day. First thing I take whey protein with some milk, then Casein protein mid morning and at night before I sleep. This is accompanied by extra protein in foods throughout the day and Carbohydrates such as Porridge mid-afternoon.

I do find myself with much more energy than before. Please do be careful though if you change diet drastically, as Liver or Kidney function will have to increase and they are also involved in removal of your drugs from the body. A medical practitioner should always be consulted. If anyone has any alternative methods of combatting this feeling, please I would love to hear from you. If you are already involved in exercise/weight training or bodybuilding and interested in taking whey protein powders, check out these whey protein reviews. Whey is a natural source of protein so no steroids or anything like that involved.

Thank you.